From: Wakai Makiko (Japan)
To: Buthina Khoury 

Subject: Successful screening on Sun.

Dear Buthina,

Sorry I couldn't write sooner --- the screening on Sunday
was great!  Although the capacity was just 50 seats, it
was quite full and various people came and watched.  I
have some comments from the audiences so I will email you
in English later.  It was great to see it on the big
screen, and no matter how many times I've seen it, it just
really is a gripping and really really heavy film.   I am
meeting with a feminist-art film DVD distributor this
weekend, so hopefully I will have something to talk to you
about.  I think we should be screening this more - so in
the meantime, we will take time and make a better
subtitles with the Arabic speaker's help.

Will return the clean DVD to where it came from.  We will
send you some copies with JP subtitles when it's better!

Best, Makiko

Thu, 5 Oct 2006