Filmís Main Characters



Aysha is a fifty-three year old woman who has a very gentle beautiful face; an artist who paints her painting from flower leaves.  She was briefly married and now is divorced without any children.  Aysha lives by herself in a small village near Ramallah who recently decided to write her autobiography and is working in the Union of Writer's Office based in the city of Ramallah.  Throughout the years, Aysha has changed her political views.  She was captured in the early 70ís after having done a few military operations and planted a bomb in Israel that exploded where a few Israelis were killed and many others were injured.  She was sentenced to prison for a life time but served ten years before being released. Aysha lived in exile for many years after being released from the Israeli prison.  She returned to Palestine after the Oslo Peace Agreement.





Rawda is a heavy set woman in her late 40ís who was involved politically.  While trying to prepare for a military operation in her house in Jerusalem, the bomb prematurely exploded and herself and some of her collogues were injured while others from her political group died in the explosion, no Israelis were injured.

Rawda will talk about her later effects of her suffering. Rawda talks about her life with emotional influence and presents her suffering in many simple ways. Rawda suffered from being disowned and abandoned by her family and local residents for many years because of her several untraditional steps in marrying a Muslim partner that was an ex-detainee.  Rawda never followed the normal traditional Palestinian female path.  Her life was full of challenges because of her unusual choices.


Rasmieh Odeh

Rasmieh is in her 50's, she was Aysha's comrade in planning and organizing to plant the bomb. She was captured and tortured with Aysha and spent the same number of years as Aysha did and was released with her too during the same first exchange of detainees deal between the PLO and the Israeli government. She had continued her studies and became a lawyer.

Terry Bulata

Terry was in prison for few times for different short periods. She had met Rawda and became good friends and had followed her steps of marrying from another religion.

She lives in Jerusalem and carries the Jerusalem ID and married to a West Banker from Abu-Dees who happened to be next to Jerusalem and where the Israelis decided to build the Wall which passes right next to her house. With the new and continuous changes in the Israeli laws, her husband is living under the threat to be kicked out of his own house and to have the family split. They have two daughters.