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"Buthina Canaan Khoury at Chicago Palestine Film Festival :
She established good relations with all four Palestinian women. As a result, Director Buthina Canaan Khoury completed her first ... "


"Sonia Nettnin Film Review: Women in Struggle :
The documentary “Women In Struggle,” explores the lives of four Palestinian women, ex-political detainees, who grew up in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. While military ..."
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Article in Dunia AlWattan site
Article in "KAHOKU SHINPOU" newspaper in MIYAGI, Japan, 2/2
Article in "KAHOKU SHINPOU" newspaper in MIYAGI, Japan, 1/2
Women in Struggle film review by Aisa Kiyosue, Japan
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Interview in Sapporo, Japan
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Festival in Elika-Haifa
International Symposium Program, International Film festival Program
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Bissan Film, Palestinian Film Distribution
Special Palestinian film festival, Palestine uncut
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World Premier of Women in Struggle highlights the Palestinian Women Prisoner Movement, Article by Genevieve Cora Fraser
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Women in Struggle Athen's screening on a greek newspaper The article in Arabic
At the Women Make Movies Newsletter
Interview on On Point  WBUR  Radio in  Boston, USA
Women in Struggle Athen's screening on
Letter from Women Black of France to Palestinian Women, Petition page 1,page 2,page 3
Story about the 2-yr old girl, Ayisha Houdali, who was released from an Israeli prison, from Al-Quds newspaper, Nov 1, 2006.
Ludmila Cvikova blog about Jerusalem Film Festival 2006 and Ramallah
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Women in Struggle featured at Women MAke Movies newsletter
Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Article in French local paper 28th June 2006
Page 1,Page 2,Page 3, Article in AL MARAA AL ARABIA MAGAZINE
Sud-Ouest Pays-basque Article 15th of March 2006 in the French Sud-Ouest Pays-basque newspaper
جماعة السينما الفلسطينية تنفي اية علاقة لها بالمهرجان السينمائي الفلسطيني الاسرائيلي النرويجي
Women in Struggle article in Dubaifilmfestival
Women in Struggle article in Dubaifilmfestival.doc
بثينة خوري: الكاميرا سلاح المبدعين
حوار نضال حمد مع بثينة خوري
Opinion about WIS
Keeping it brief
mohmed obedo article wis
مقالة محمد عبيدو
Secular Palestinians Fear Social Changes Under Hamas
Italian International Women Film Festival| Canada Palestine Film Festival| رابطة الاخوة بين الطيبة ودير جرير أحرقتها علاقات عابرة Interview with The director, Buthina Khoury on Islam Radio Canada Palestine Film Festival Article about WIS

جماعة السينما الفلسطينية
Palestinian Cinema Group AlHaq Human Rights Organization   The Mandela Institute for Human Rights - Palestine Palestinian Prisoners' Society political prisoner solidarity group Prisoners' Support and human rights association