Director's notes on the execution of the film

The film “Women in Struggle” will present four characters of Palestinian women ex-detainees who speak about their imprisonment followed by their motives and reasons for their actions while showing the major obstacles in the Palestinian daily life. Their feelings when they were released from prison will be revealed as well as their efforts and difficulties in integrating back into the Palestinian society. While seeing their present living conditions we hear about their past experiences and their individual future outlook.  

Originally those women took unusual roles and choose to fight occupation as men would. Their different experiences were not easy nor were they pleasant and they had paid a high price because of these experiences, did it effect or change their lives, did they manage to tolerate the suffering that was caused and did they ever realize the high price before going through this experience or not??? To be involved in a political struggle is costly on all levels but to be a woman and choose to fight is far more complicated. The reasons and motives for these women to choose to take a role vary and are of no less significance than a man's reasoning however the occupation is the major cause for their involvement.

  You wonder whether after going through these experiences if the motives are still there or if they took a shift in another direction because the pain was unbearable and life has to continue regardless of anything, and what affect age may have had on these decisions. Did the suffering stop once they were released from the physical prison, or do they carry it inside of them? Finally, was it worth it for them? Do they have any regrets and how has it changed the way they view themselves? Can people understand that one is not born to fight but situations can make and force one to do so?

  This film never views them as being terrorists or accuses them of being criminals. We as Palestinians are like any other nation in the world who could not exist without standing for their rights or without resisting occupation. In order to lift the injustice that was created by the arrogance of another nation and blindness of the rest of the world. So is the Western world ready to hear and see that from a women perspective??????

  Visually I used the traditional filmmaking where I followed each character separately to obtain a subjective point of view by using a DV camera. Also, to study the different perspectives from inside by following them throughout the different changes that had been taking place along with the recent Intifada. Different images have been shot with extra care and quality by myself (the director) covering the characters in various events using a Mini DV. Furthermore, some archival footage and black / white photos for the characters at past events were chosen carefully to reflect the credibility of their involvement.

  This film intends to tell the truth. It aims to change the views by not accusing the characters instead to preserve their dignity by making who ever will see this film try to understand why and how.